Event Objectives & Organizer

Event Objectives
  1. To raise funds for Pok Oi Hospital’s Tuen Mun Lam Tei Nursing and Resdential Care Home for the Elderly
  2. Promote local unique culture and art
  3. Rebuild core value of Hong Kong people – perseverance and  engage young people in caring and inheriting comics and charity industries through collective memories
  4. To encourage healthy living and regular exercise
  5. To establish a stable and harmonious society


About Organizer

Pok Oi Hospital, a charity organization that has grown with the Hong Kong community since 1919, currently operates 95 service units spreading all over Hong Kong serving over 950,000 beneficiary attendances annually. Pok Oi provides quality and diversified services, including hospital, clinical centres for teaching & research in Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine mobile clinics, nursing home, care & attention homes, day care centres for the elderly, secondary and primary schools, kindergartens, family multiple intelligences centres, community cyber centre and hostel for single persons.

For More information, please visit our website: www.pokoi.org.hk


About Nursing and Residential Care Home for the Elderly in Lam Tei

A site in Lam Tei has been earmarked by Pok Oi, for the largest residential care home for the elderly in Hong Kong. Under the latest design framework, there is space earmarked for Western and Chinese medicine services, dental services and a special care zone. There will be 1,433 places, about 930 places of which are continuum of care places and the remaining 503 places are nursing home places. The elderly home is expected to be completed as early in early 2022.